Hello dear reader!

My name is Elisabeth and I’m a historian and a natural dietitian in training. I have an strong interest in herbalism, natural living and eating, folklore and folk customs, digital history, Germanic and Celtic history, Lithuanian language and culture and a minimalist lifestyle. And so much more!

Also, I am a board member of the ECER (European Congress of Ethnic Religions: http://ecer-org.eu) as I am a advocate for the emancipation and preservation of ethnic religions in Europe. By ethnic religion we mean spirituality, and cosmology that is firmly grounded in a particular people’s traditions.

Thus, I sincerely invite  you to look around in this strange cabinet of  different topics. I hope you will be inspired.

Joyful greetings,



2 responses to “About

  1. Hedwig

    Your own blog.. Awesome! Will take some peaks now and then. In the mean time.. Can you send me your phonenumber?

  2. Sachin Nandha

    I will try and follow this blog. Looking forward to learn about Pagan history.

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