About Elisabeth


Hail fellow well met!


My name is Elisabeth and I’m a historian and a natural dietitian in training, based in the Netherlands. I have a strong interest in so many things which I like to share with you on my blog. Some of my passions are digital history, European pagan religions especially Germanic, Baltic and Celtic ones, early medieval history, (traditional) folk music, folklore and folk art, history of food and nutrition, herbalism, natural living, a minimalist lifestyle and veganism. And so much more!

Also, I am also a board member of the ECER (European Congress of Ethnic Religions: http://ecer-org.eu) as I am a advocate for the emancipation and preservation of ethnic religions in Europe. By ethnic religion we mean spirituality, and cosmology that is firmly grounded in a particular people’s traditions. I am also involved in other pagan organizations from the Low Countries and I celebrate Midsummer and Midwinter every year with a passionate group of people.

I am also enchanted by the Baltic culture. In particular Lithuania I find so inspiring. I did a Lithuanian language course because I am planning several trips to Lithuania. If anybody has some tips for holy pagan and historical places to visit that would be very welcome. 🙂

Thus, I sincerely invite  you to look around in this strange cabinet of subjects. I hope you will be inspired and focus on the interesting and beautifull things in life and all the gifts life has to offer. I am very happy if you comment or share your own opinion. And since English is not my mother tongue feel free to rectify my writings. 🙂

Joyful greetings,


Elisabeth Overgaauw

Elisabeth Overgaauw


2 responses to “About Elisabeth

  1. Hedwig

    Your own blog.. Awesome! Will take some peaks now and then. In the mean time.. Can you send me your phonenumber?

  2. Sachin Nandha

    I will try and follow this blog. Looking forward to learn about Pagan history.

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