Leftovers are food too

This evening I made an English style leftover pie. I don’t like throwing away food. If you make this a core principle in your life, much food is rescued from uselessness. Eating your leftovers will:

– Make you conscious about food as something valuable;

– Saves some money;

– Saves trash;

– Helps you prevent a life of abundance;

– Be tasty. When food ages ‘unami’ is made, the savory flavor;

– Make you creative (what shall I make of it?);

– Give you a sense of satisfaction. You’ll give the food a purpose.



English Pie made of leftovers

Oven dishes are a good way to use leftovers.




– 200 gr. flour  (spelt or wheat)

– 110 gr. butter (I don’t like margarine)

– salt

– a little bit of yeast or baking powder

– a little bit of water to make it moist


– leftovers


180 °C for 40 minutes. It depends on your oven.


So don’t throw away that food and make something creative!



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